Required Items needed to apply for your Grant Money Program

NOTE: Rather than working with mere Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letters, we only work with GOV Backed Mortgage Loan Pre-Approvals received directly from Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac subject to processing, underwriting and are conditional to Appraised Value, Satisfactory Title and Final Quality Control. As such, the following items are required from you to process the approvals of your Grant Money Program and Mortgage Loan:



a. 2016-2017 Tax Returns

b. Most recent 1-month paystubs.

c. Social Security Award Letters

d. Long Term Disability Award Letters



a. Most recent 2-months bank statements

i. All pages

ii. Front and Back

iii. Showing Bank’s name

iv. Showing account number

v. Showing Borrower’s name and address



a. State Issued Picture ID

b. Social Security Card

c. Green Card (when applicable)

d. Work Permit (when applicable)



Please provide Debit or Credit Card information to pay $24.00 to order Credit Report

(It is preferred to use Debit rather than Credit to avoid changes to DTI and Credit Profile)

a. Name of credit card account holder

b. Account number

c. expiration date

d. billing address

e. 3-digit security #



a. Number of people that will live in your New Home

b. Their Names,

b. Your Relationship with them

b. Yearly Income of each household member



a. Divorce Decree (when applicable)

b. Detailed Explanation of what you’re trying to achieve (location, type of home, closing date, etc)

c. Contact information and best time to call (cell phone, work, email)

Please note that screenshots or photographs of (documents, letters, bank statements, tax returns, W2’s, paystubs, etc.) are unacceptable to all banks. PLEASE BE SURE TO ONLY EMAIL scanned or PDF copies of these items.

Upon receipt of your complete application package, We will review and forward  your Grant and loan request and a response is expected within 3-4 days.  A grant finder fee is applied once pre-screening is completed and documents are ready to be submitted.

Please email the above items to