Business Loans

Run a winning business with the tools you need to streamline cash flow, minimize taxes and strengthen your bottom line.

You have goals for your business. We have financial services the business loans you need to exceed them, not to mention a personal touch that creates trust and understanding. Whether you’re looking for fast financing decisions or insights only a local bank can offer, we deliver. Let us help you turn your business dreams into reality.

  • Lines of Credit
    • Improve cash flow with monthly interest only payments
    • Immediate access to available funds
    • Fixed or variable rate structure
  •  Term loans
    • Typically used for an asset acquisition, the loan can be repaid over time
    • Note payments can be fixed up to 5-7 years
    • Assists in budgeting monthly cash flow with equal monthly payments
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
    • For construction
      • Short term, up to 12 months
      • Assists in cash flow with monthly interest only payments on the amount advanced
    • Mini-Perm
      • Fixed or variable rate
      • The term of the note can be set up for 5-7 years with the monthly payment based upon a 25 year amortization
  • Letters of Credit
    • If drawn upon, it can be set up on a term note
    • Guarantee by bank as payment for the beneficiary
    • Can assist in transactions by satisfying a requirement with a vendor
  • Government Guaranteed Lending
    • We participate in SBA 7A, 504 programs and the USDA loan programs
    • The guaranties provided by both programs assists the bank in approving loans that it might not otherwise
    • Typically, they offer a lower owner equity requirement and longer amortization period than what a traditional bank loan with similar purpose