Get free grant money to cover your downpayment & closing costs and purchase your dream home anywhere in Florida.

Path to Homeownership

Fastrak Enterprise works with you from start to finish to ensure the purchasing of your home goes smoothly and on time.

Free Grant Money Application

Fastrak Enterprise will help you organize your supportive documents to make sure you get the grant money in no time to purchase your home.  No income limit requirements. You will get up to $48,000 to purchase a first or second home of your choice wherever you want in the State of Florida. The awarded fund is non-repayable.  A grant finder fee is assessed per application.

Pre-approval Period

The lender issues an actual Pre-Approval obtained directly from the actual government backed Fannie Mae – Freddie Mac interfaces which specify the exact terms and conditions of the mortgage loan and what is needed to process it and close it.

Needs Analysis

Once the grant is secured and a loan pre-approval is issued, an appointment is set up to conduct a “Needs Analysis” either by phone or in person at our office or at your home in order to review your wishes and establish the specific details of your Homebuying requirements:


House to Home FHA Down Payment Assistance for ALL Florida Counties

  • Provides up to 4% in down payment assistance in ALL Florida Counties for FHA Loans
  • Down Payment Assistance is forgiven at the Closing table.
  • Buyer does not need to be first time Home Buyer.
  • Must be primary residence, no Investors.
  • Stick built homes or manufactured homes allowed for Government Agency loans (FHA, VA and USDA.
  • 1-4 Units allowed, SFR, Duplexes, Triplexes, Quadraplexes, Mobile Homes-double wide’s only
  • Buyer may own other properties.
  • Non-Owner Occupant Co-Borrowers ARE allowed.
  • 30 year fixed term.
  • Competitive mortgage Interest rates.
  • Can be used with VA Mortgages (4%), FHA Mortgages (4%) and USDA Mortgages (3%)
  • Borrower must qualify for FHA, USDA or VA Loan.
  • Supplemental Alternative credit NOT allowed.
  • Maximum Income Limits set at 140% FHA, VA or USDA of Florida County the house is located.
  • Conventional version of this product limits Area Median Income (AMI) to 115%.
  • Income limit is based off Qualifying income reported on the 1003, regardless of household size.
  • Maximum loan amount of FHA limits in area purchased. Generally the lesser of $424,100 (not including MI) or maximum loan amounts permitted by HUD.
  • No Purchase price limits.
  • Home Buyer Education required.
  • Lender credit available not available.
  • Minimum middle FICO credit score is 620.
  • Maximum debt-to-income 45%-50% Depending on credit score and compensating factors.
  • 47% LTV or higher must have 12 months of rental history.
  • No Prepayment Penalty Fee if loan is paid out early.
  • No cash back to Borrower/Buyer
  • Seller can tribute up to 6% towards Buyers Closing Costs.
  • No 203k Renovation loans allowed.


Federal Home Loan Bank Down Payment Assistance Grant

  • Provides 4:1 matching funds up to $5,000 for Borrowers not involved in the occupations below
  • Provides 4:1 matching funds up to $7,500 for those involved in Public Safety, Medical, or Education
  • Buyer must be First Time Homebuyer or hasn’t owned a home in 3 years
  • Primary Residences only.
  • Lender credit available.
  • No Bank Statements needed.
  • 1003 Income only.
  • Maximum purchase price not to exceed the FHA limits in the counties being considered
  • Income must be at or under 80% of the HUD Median Income
  • 1 hour Mortgage Counseling conversation required
  • No Bankruptcies in last 2 years and no foreclosure last 3 years
  • Minimum middle credit score 580+
  • Can be used with Conventional Freddie MAC LP AUS only not Fannie Mae DU AUS
  • Maybe combined with VA Loans written by same Lender.
  • No Prepayment Penalty Fee if loan is paid out early.

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